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Nombre de page192 pages
Dimension14x13.5 cm
Contenuillustrations couleur

A Taste of Geneva in 7 strolls

Reynald Aubert, Titane Lacroix
Geneva can be compardes to small delicacy, sweet and subtle. It is to be relished at an easy pace, following seven suggested walks.
The sweet smell of the lake, a sunrise over the mont Blanc, the sight of parc de la Grange's roses, the sound of the Jet d'eau crashing on the jetty together with the culinary secrets of great chefs will hopfully inspire you and make you enjoy this enchanting city.

This little book is a moonstone. A genuine pearl, cultivated in the hidden corners of Geneva. Its creation required all the talent and humour of Titane Lacroix and Reynald Aubert. A taste of Geneva in seven strolls is more than a guide, it is an artistic project that could be regarded as a guide!

Serge Bimpage

Translation: Ling Perrelet, Yvonne Renstalt