Inter Gentes
Statesmen, Diplomats, Political Thinkers
Bénédict de Tscharner
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Inter Gentes Statesmen, Diplomats, Political Thinkers


Bénédict de Tscharner




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Inter Gentes, Statesmen, Diplomats, Political Thinkers. Switzerland is known as a small and neutral country which cannot pretend to play a significant role on the stage of international affairs. But are there Swiss actors in this field whose role deserves to be put forth ? This collection of portraits gives a positive answer to that question. Be they personalities responsible for Swiss foreign policy or Swiss having occupied high-ranking positions in other States or in international organizations, be they Swiss diplomats or diplomats serving other countries, or even intellectuals whose ideas have had an impact on relations between the peoples : the contribution of the Swiss to “ world governance ” is far from negligible ; it is most diverse and often expresses a humanistic quality which is worth to be noted.

The author, Benedict von Tscharner, was born at Trub (Berne) in 1937. Doctor at Law, University of Basle; former ambassador of Switzerland (Brussels EU, Vienna OSCE, Paris); author of books on diplomacy ; chairman, Foundation for the History of the Swiss Abroad.

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