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Mystery at the Monastery of St Gall
Les Guides à pattes – Middle Ages – Volume 2
Bernard Reymond, Lucile Tissot
In collaboration with institutions of St. Gall: Historisches und Völkerkundemuseum, Stiftsbibliothek, Stiftsarchiv and Weltkulturerbe Stiftsbezirk.
ISBN 9782889680122

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Mystery at the Monastery of St Gall Les Guides à pattes – Middle Ages – Volume 2





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The collection Les Guides à pattes is the ideal companion for children exploring Switzerland’s heritage. The main archaeological sites as well as their museum are presented in educational and fun books.

In this second volume of the Guides à pattes series on the Middle Ages, Adalbert, a stubborn and determined bear, takes you on an investigation in the heart of a jewel of the High Middle Ages monastic world: the abbey of St. Gall. He wants to uncover a book to prove to his cousin that a bear played a decisive role in the birth of this abbey.
The origins of the abbey go back to 612 when the Irish monk Gallus decided to establish himself in this secluded valley and build a modest chapel. A century later, in honour of this saint, the illustrious abbey of St. Gall was built.
Guided by Adalbert, you will go back in time and discover the history of the monastery, from its foundation to its golden age in the 9th and 10th centuries. On your way, you will share the daily life of the monks who led to the fame of this abbey. Some were copyists, others cantors or physicians. The abbey was managed like a small town with its church, mills, gardens, bakeries, farm and hospital.

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With a master’s degree in archaeology and ancient Greek (University of Lausanne), Lucile Tissot is the author of several volumes of the Guides à pattes. She is currently working on a PhD thesis in archaeology on Roman wall painting.
After a degree in archaeology at the University of Lausanne, Bernard Reymond studied scientific illustration at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. He is now a draughtsman at the Roman Museum of Avenches and an independent illustrator.

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